Universal Laws and How to Use Them

Universal Laws are the laws that govern life and when we learn to work with them and not against them life just happens to work out better.

There are many fabulous writers on this topic. These writers inspire and educate others to make positive changes in their lives. The changes are often very profound and can change lives for better or worse depending on how you learn to make these laws work for you. Esther and Jerry Hicks, Sonia Choquette, Jack Canfield and Rhonda Byrne are excellent teachers on this subject.

Universal Laws are not a new concept. These laws have been around since the beginning of time. There is reference to it in the bible ( however Universal Law is non-denominational) and many great men such as Wallace Wattles and Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill wrote about it years before it became popular in this century.

So what actually is Universal Law? Universal law in simple terms preaches that what you focus and dwell on, what you think about and talk about you create and bring into your reality. When used effectively it helps you to live a life with passion and purpose.

This is why I stated before that it can be used for positive or negative change. The choice is up to you.

The results you receive depend solely on your actions and your thoughts. This is why it is a must to follow a plan that will manifest in your life the results that you are seeking. You are the creator so you need to draw up the blueprints for creation.

Expect what you desire and never ever expect that which you do not desire. To gain the full force of Universal Laws in your life you need to desire and then expect. Focus on your desires and expect without doubt that it is yours. Focus only on the positive and you will begin to see elements of that which you desire popping up in your life.

When working with Universal Laws including the Law of Attraction it is imperative that you put yourself in the mindset of giving. For it is when you give that you open the gates to receiving. If you are inclined to hold back on the giving you are sending out signals of scarcity which will come back to you. The more you give the more you receive. The law states that if you do not give you cannot receive.

Put yourself in the best possible position by opening up and giving with an open heart. Desire and expect and watch your life be transformed.

Learning Criminal Law – The Model Penal Code As A “Big Bang” In The Criminal Law Universe

Among the Model Penal Code’s (“MPC”) contributions, the sine qua non is mental culpability. Ronald L. Gainer, The Culpability Provisions of the Model Penal Code, 19 RUTGERS L.J. 575, 575 (1987-1988).

Academics attacking ambiguous culpability concepts about wrongfulness engendered in pre-MPC law described it as a “quagmire of legal refuse.” Id. Indeed, scholars have long criticized both:moral blameworthiness” with general intent crimes, and poorly defined distinctions with specific intent crimes.

Beyond reflecting society’s moral values, MPC clarifies

mental elements of crimes,
presumptions, and
other concepts related to mental elements.
MPC Drafters, however, winnowed the proverbial wheat from the common law chaff. Namely, MPC adopted the “elemental” approach to defining crimes based on common law specific intent crimes. Hence, MPC clarified material elements of crimes as well as defenses like justification and excuse.

MPC § 2.02 defines four mens rea terms: purpose, knowledge, recklessness, and negligence.

MPC associates each culpability element with a crime’s material elementsconduct, results, or attendant circumstances. MPC § 2.02(1) (1962).

The four mens rea elements are:

Purposely: A person acts purposely if his conscious object is to engage in the proscribed conduct, or to cause the proscribed result; and he is aware of, believes, or hopes for the existence of the crime’s attendant circumstances. MPC § 2.02(2)(a) (1962).
Knowingly: A person acts knowingly if he is aware his conduct is of the nature proscribed, or the defined attendant circumstances exists; and he is aware with virtual certainty his conduct will cause the proscribed result. MPC § 2.02(2)(b) (1962).
Recklessly: A person acts recklessly when he consciously disregards a substantial and unjustifiable risk that the material element exists or will result from his conduct. This disregard must involve a gross deviation from the standard of conduct a law-abiding person would observe in the actor’s situation. MPC § 2.02(2)(c) (1962).
Negligently: A person acts negligently when he should be aware a substantial and unjustifiable risk exists or will result from his conduct. Failure to perceive this risk must involve a gross deviation from the standard of care a reasonable person would observe in the actor’s situation. MPC § 2.02(2)(d) (1962).
Statutory silence about mental culpability demonstrates the drafter’s intent to require proof of recklessness. MPC § 2.02(3) (1962).

The mens rea as to a material element applies to each subsequent material element, unless expressly stated otherwise. MPC § 2.02(4) (1962).

Proof of greater mental culpability may be used to prove guilt for crime defined with lesser mental culpability. MPC § 2.02(5) (1962).

Purposeful conduct requires an actual or conditional purpose. MPC § 2.02(6) (1962).

Knowing conduct requires awareness of a high probability of the existence of a material element, unless the actor actually believes the material element does not exist. MPC § 2.02(7) (1962).

Willfulness means knowingly. MPC § 2.02(8) (1962).

Neither knowledge, recklessness, nor negligence as to

whether conduct constitutes an offense, or
the existence, meaning, or application of the law determining the elements of an offense

Universal Laws – Universal Law of Balance

One of the ways in which to fully understand what balance is, let’s first explore what the definition of balance is. It is an equal exchange of giving and receiving. It is equal emphasis on or in all areas of your life.

To be equal isn’t always about the exact measure of things. Meaning, it is not necessary to exercise your physical body for the same amount of time that you meditate. You may meditate or pray for 40 minutes or 60 minutes every. Perhaps you are someone who chooses to meditate two times a day.

Bringing balance into your daily life is an essential part of understanding, having faith and trusting in the overall plan for your life, your Life’s Purpose.

If you give more than you receive, this creates a positive imbalance. The Universe, Divine Source will bring balance to you in ways you cannot imagine.

Balancing mental, physical and Spiritual aspects of your life is the key to being or feeling complete and whole. You are whole, complete and perfect. It is walking the physical journey that tends to create opportunities to experience an imbalance in one form or another.

It is also about balancing your energy, that which is positive and that which is negative creates a sense of physical and energetic balance. Balanced energy is releasing all that no longer serves you through forgiveness work and through healing.

A sense of stability, managing your emotions and your thoughts is part of the whole. As you create a sense of peacefulness and serenity within your Inner-Self, the same radiates outward into all you do, feel and all you say. Your actions and your emotions are a direct reflection of all that you are experiencing within you.

As a healer and a Light-Worker, it is essential that you take time for you. If you do not take time to nurture yourself, to heal your core issues, to walk your truth in light and love, you will soon have nothing to give.

Being of service is a gift first to you and then to others. It may seem as though it should be the other way, give to others and then to you. Consider the empty pot being tipped over to pour soup. If there is nothing in the pot there is nothing to pour out giving to others. The pot must first be filled in order to have something to give.

Yes, it is more than possible to live and work in a state of unbalance for an extended period of time. At some point your Spiritual energy body will cause something to occur that will encourage you to begin paying attention to the neglected areas of your life. If you are listening to what Spirit, Angels and Ascended Masters share with you, you will follow the path before you with greater ease.

In what way or ways are you ready, willing and open to bring or restore a sense of inner-calm using the Universal Law of Balance into your daily life?

Start where you are, one step at a time. Remember to breathe along the way. Be open to all that awaits you as you clear the imbalances in your thoughts, your actions and in your emotions.

Balance is simply bringing the many parts of your life, mental, physical, emotional and Spiritual into tapestry woven with light, love, faith, understanding, trust, forgiveness, acceptance, surrender and release.

Universal Laws – Universal Law of Belief

What is belief and how much power does it really have in your life? Belief is defined as the acceptance of thoughts that a statement is true. It is the belief that something really exists even if it is not seen or can be explained rationally.

It is more than believing in what can be seen. It is also a belief in emotion and energy, neither of which can be seen or detected by the human eye. Energy cannot be seen without the aid of a high powered microscope.

A belief is something that you are both consciously aware of and something that you are not consciously aware of. Many beliefs are a result of past experiences and relationships.

If you believe that you are not going to find the right and perfect partner for you because all the good ones are taken, you are absolutely right.

If you believe that all your needs, mentally, emotionally, physically and Spiritually are met, you are absolutely right.

The formula for manifesting what you believe is very clear. A= B + C. First you must conceive an idea, a thought or a goal. Then you must believe it to be a truth for you regardless of what anyone else thinks or says. Conceive = belief equals what you can achieve. If you don’t believe you will ever be prosperous then you cannot achieve prosperity.

Another way to understand this Universal Law of Belief is to reexamine the Universal Law of Attraction. When you are having doubts or fear fearful, your mind creates more doubt and confusion which leads to producing more fear.

As you release fear, knowing you are loved beyond measure, you feel more loved and begin attracting to you more love and happiness. Do you hold the belief that all relationships are filled with pressure, emotional pain and not having enough money? Then this is exactly the kind of relationship you will attract.

This does not mean you can sit back and expect Divine Source or Angels to simply walk up to your door and hand you everything without doing your part. You are guided each step of the way. The actions you are to take are part of the unfolding of all you desire because you believe and have faith that this is the truth for you.

So what happens if the relationship you are in suddenly dissolves even though you now believe that you are priceless and loveable and you are a loving person? It simply means that the person you were with is no longer able to sustain the vibration that is a match with yours.

What you see and experience in your life is the result of your beliefs. Don’t like what you see being manifested into your life? To change what is and is not manifesting in your life, change your beliefs.

Everyone has in their consciousness the seeds of all their beliefs, both positive and negative. Consciousness together with belief manifests as achievement. It isn’t necessary to know or understand exactly how everything will unfold before you. You need only believe, trust and have faith that all is unfolding before you and it always will.

Everyone has free will, the choice to choose for themselves. What do you choose to believe about and yourself and for you?

What your mind can conceive and believe will manifest into your life. It is Law.